Ready to Make You Smile

We know that a beautiful smile can boost your self-esteem and be life-changing. Our smiles are often the first feature people notice when meeting us for the first time, and they, arguably, a beautiful reflections of our inner selves. Here at the Smile Patio Orthodontics, we take our smile-crafting work very seriously. We are here to help you reach the smile of your dreams and lead a successful life where you will love your smile.

Crooked smiles and buck teeth are among the main reasons that make people feel insecure about their appearance, which is why we focus on developing customized treatment plans that help fix dental alignment problems.

Your Carlsbad Orthodontist

Meet Dr. Jonathan Albaugh

Dr. Albaugh is not here to simply relocate your teeth. Instead, he will focus on how to improve your oral health and deliver a treatment that is aesthetically pleasing. We're here to deliver long-lasting results.

This specialized care can help you build up confidence and harbor success for years to come.