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When people have beautiful, confident smiles, their lives are transformed.

At The Smile Patio, we believe many people go through their days feeling insecure about their teeth. Feeling insecure can make it harder for a person to make friends, ace a job interview, or even find the love of their life. However, we believe everyone deserves to have a smile they love.

A confident smile is life-changing. It makes the best first impression because it allows a person’s inner beauty to shine through. At The Smile Patio, we create the smiles of our patients’ dreams with braces, aligners, and customized treatment plans because people lead more successful lives when they have a smile they love.


Our Mission Statement

At The Smile Patio Orthodontics, we instill confidence in our patients by providing the best orthodontic treatment in southern California because people live more successful lives when they have a smile they love.


Our team members strive to:

  • Be Clinically Excellent: We want to deliver treatment in the most efficient, reliable, and comfortable manner.
  • Have Positive Attitudes: We want to be the highlight of our patients’ day. Smiling. Engaging. Invested.
  • Be Role Models: We believe our patients look up to us as professionals. We will encourage them to be responsible, respectful, and involved members of the community.
  • Communicate: We believe effective communication among patients, parents, referring doctors, and our office will result in better outcomes for our patients.


What makes working at The Smile Patio so special?

  • We are constantly learning and improving: We start/finish on time.We are reliable and communicate any differences in appointment times and overall treatment times.
  • We compliment: We make our patients feel good and special. We praise their successes. We reinforce that they made the best decision coming to us.
  • We help each other: We help one another grow and learn. We support each other with tasks and share the workload. We participate in community events.