Clear Braces Treatment in Vista, CA

At The Smile Patio Orthodontics, it makes us proud that we offer discreet ceramic braces to patients in Vista, CA.

Vista clear ceramic braces are a sleek solution to orthodontics when you wish for a more discreet option when compared with conventional metal braces. The ceramic composites used to manufacture brackets and wires are nearly invisible because they resemble your natural tooth color.

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Your Clear Braces Blend In

Ceramic brackets, which some patients refer to as clear braces, use tooth-colored polycrystalline ceramic that, alongside an archwire that can be clear, white, or even tooth-colored, can fix your smile and appear nearly invisible, making it ideal for adults and teenagers.

This means that if you want an aesthetically pleasing treatment option to fix your crooked teeth, ceramic braces are perfect for you. Besides, since these are fixed orthodontic appliances, you won't have to worry about misplacing them or keeping track of how long you wear them every day.

Clear Braces Vista

What Are Some Differences Between Metal Braces and Clear Ceramic Braces in Vista, CA?

The main difference between the two options is how durable the materials are. Metal braces rely on the strength of stainless steel, whereas the ceramic materials used for clear braces are not as durable and could chip or crack easily if you're not careful.

Similarly, ceramic braces are not as good as traditional metal braces when tolerating pressure, which means that your orthodontist will most likely recommend ceramic braces for the upper arch only, though this will vary from one case to the other.

Still, either of these dental braces works based on similar principles and can be equally effective under the same circumstances, which is why you should get in touch with our office and set up an appointment where we can explore if this option is the right choice for you.

What to Expect With Ceramic Braces?

Because the name "stainless" isn't anywhere in this appliance's description, some patients fear the brackets could stain. Fortunately, though, this isn't the case anymore, as ceramic brackets won't stain.

You will still have to be careful about what you eat and drink during your treatment because they may damage the brackets or stain the ligatures used to secure the wire to them.

Also, you will have to maintain good oral hygiene, so ramp up your routine to avoid running the risk of suffering from tooth decay or periodontal disease. Just make sure to follow Dr. Albaugh's recommendations, and you'll be fine.

How Much Are Ceramic Braces in Vista, CA?

Overall, your ceramic braces will cost a bit more than conventional metal braces. Similarly, because they're more prone to breaking, your overall treatment cost may increase if you suffer an orthodontic emergency and require replacements.

Fortunately, you're here with a team that focuses on delivering affordable solutions. To this end, you can take advantage of payment plans that are flexible and convenient, as well as automatic bank drafts. Likewise, you can get in touch with our team to get more information from your insurance provider to review coverage for orthodontic treatment.

Dr. Albaugh will work with you to develop a treatment plan with fees that fit your budget and help you achieve your goals.

Our Vista orthodontics treatment team is here to help you with the cost of treatment as you come to your first free consultation.

Get Your Ceramic Braces in Vista!

We hope you can set up a free consultation with Dr. Albaugh to learn if this is the right solution for you. At The Smile Patio Orthodontics, we know these braces are a great option for adults and teenagers who can maintain better oral hygiene on their own and who will be better at following care instructions from our team. If you think ceramic braces are the way to go, come to our office and begin your treatment today!

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