Parents who wish to help their kids maintain good oral health should also consider how orthodontics for children is one way in which their kids will continue smiling!

Dr. Albaugh knows how important your children are to you, which is why he and the team at The Smile Patio Orthodontics remain committed to delivering the best care possible for children, helping them remain comfortable and excited about oral care.

When Should My Child First Visit an Orthodontist?

You should bring your kid to the orthodontist by age 7. By this time, your child's teeth have been in development for long enough that they'll have primary and permanent teeth simultaneously. This is called a mixed dentition stage, and it's the most efficient time to begin orthodontic treatment.

These initial check-ups are not meant to make your kid get braces right away; instead, we use these moments to review your kid's dental health status and identify any problems related to jaw growth and dental alignment.

Even when these signs are present, it doesn't mean that your kid will need braces right away, but rather, we might recommend using other appliances, focusing on correcting bad habits, and remaining attentive to begin treatment with braces at the perfect time.

What Is Early Orthodontic Treatment?

Early orthodontic treatment in Vista is an age-specific treatment plan that helps young children prevent the development of more severe cases of orthodontic problems with proper oversight from a board-certified orthodontist.

Please note that this stage mostly prepares your kid as they age and begin their teenage years.

What's the Best Time to Start Orthodontic Treatment for Kids?

Even though your child should begin visiting the best orthodontist Vista has available, Dr. Albaugh, by age 7, they won't start the main portion of their treatment until they're somewhere between 9 and 14.

Before we begin treatment, though, we will make sure you know what to expect and when it would be best to start the dental realignment process. Making sure we begin overseeing your kid's dental development early lets us:

  • Guide jaw growth properly.
  • Review signs of jaw malocclusion.
  • Address impacted teeth.
  • Correct teeth protrusion.
  • Help address bad habits, such as prolonged thumb-sucking or pacifier use.
  • Improve your kid's self-esteem and appearance.
  • Restoring the proper function of your kid's dental structures.
  • Positively impact your kids' oral health, as well-aligned teeth are much easier to keep clean.
Orthodontics for Children CA

How to Tell If Your Kid Needs Orthodontic Treatment

Unfortunately, many parents don't think of ringing their kids to the orthodontist until it's too apparent that they need to, making the treatment less efficient than it can be.

Here are some signs that can help you identify that your kid might require orthodontic care:

  • Premature loss of primary teeth.
  • Popping or clicking sounds when your kid opens their mouth.
  • Mouthbreathing.
  • Prolonged thumb-sucking.
  • Crowded teeth or protruding front teeth.
  • Gaps between the front teeth.
  • Notorious grinding or constant clenching of their teeth.

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If you have any reason to suspect your child is in need of orthodontic treatment, make sure to get in touch with our orthodontic office in Vista, CA, to set up a free consultation where we'll talk about their current status and potential treatment options.

We're here to help you and your kid achieve a smile that makes you proud!

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