We want to make sure that everyone who wishes to fix their smiles with braces knows exactly what to expect, which is why Dr. Albaugh and his team have put together a little guide answering some of the most frequently asked questions about braces in Vista, CA.

Please make sure to give us a call or set up a free appointment with our team and get answers to any questions you don't see listed below.

Are Mail-In Aligners Better Than Going to an Orthodontist?

Most definitely not. When you choose to start treatment with the best orthodontist Vista residents have available, you get help from a specialist who can help you every step of the way until you reach the smile of your dreams. Mail-in aligners are a "one-size-fits-all" type of solution that's lacking even in that department.

When considering how to improve your smile, you'll do far better with an orthodontist who is qualified and board-certified by the American Association of Orthodontists (AAO) to ensure your treatment plan aligns with your current circumstances, fits your budget, aims to achieve your goals, and progresses efficiently and safely.

At What Age Should Children First Visit the Orthodontist?

We follow the guidelines from the American Association of Orthodontists (AAO) that recommend parents take their young kids to a dental alignment specialist by the age of seven. Usually, children will present a mixed dentition around this age, meaning they'll have both primary and permanent teeth in their mouths.

Most importantly, it is around this time that a skilled orthodontist, such as Dr. Albaugh, can begin to notice subtle changes in the kid's dental alignment and development that alert him to potential orthodontic problems on the horizon. If this is the case for your kid, beginning consultations with an orthodontist at a young age can help them get the required interventions early on, helping their development, oral health, and dental alignment.

Is Orthodontic Treatment Worth It as an Adult?

We can say yes with absolute confidence. Orthodontics can be successful regardless of your age, which has now led to one in every four patients being over the age of 18. Adults are now more convinced than ever before that orthodontic care is worth the investment, as the braces and aligners used for their treatments are more comfortable and efficient.

We highly suggest you get in touch with our team to determine if you require any additional help with your oral health before beginning your orthodontic treatment, as adults have a greater risk of suffering periodontal disease, which can negatively impact orthodontic care, in turn.

How Long Does It Take to Complete Treatment?

Generally speaking, each patient will spend one to three years of active dental realignment; however, this will vary significantly from one case to the other, so you should get in touch with our team and get a free consultation in our Vista orthodontic office where we will happily review your current status and provide you with a better estimate of how long it will take to complete your treatment.

How Much Does Treatment Cost?

Just like with the estimated treatment duration, it is a real challenge to provide you with an estimate of the final treatment cost without first reviewing your case during an initial consultation.

The cost of your treatment will depend on many factors, including how severe and complex your alignment problems are and how quickly you want to reach your goals, but Dr. Albaugh and our team will discuss all the financing options and your insurance coverage to find the most affordable solutions.

What Causes Orthodontic Problems?

The main reason why you might have orthodontic problems is genetics. Most cases of jaw malocclusion and dental overcrowding are due to genetic factors, so you'll probably have to deal with an overbite if either of your parents had to as well. Similarly, some cases of dental malalignment are the result of accidents and dental emergencies that happen later in our lives.

Finally, some children develop orthodontic problems as a direct result of bad habits in their infancy, such as prolonged finger-sucking or tongue thrusting.

Why Is Orthodontic Treatment Important?

Orthodontics goes beyond the cosmetic benefits and positively impacts your dental health. Certainly, most people focus on how beautiful their smiles look once they complete their treatment, but some people fail to realize just how much dental alignment really matters to oral health.

Well-aligned teeth won't have as much of a risk of suffering from tooth decay as overcrowded ones. It's far easier to brush your teeth and use dental floss to remove food debris when everything is aligned.

Why Could My Teeth Shift Position?

Our teeth have a natural tendency to move as we age; besides, some people may suffer from accidents that mess with their dental alignment. In the case of people who have already finished their treatment with braces, the main concern is to avoid orthodontic relapse, which is this unfortunate process where your teeth can shift back to the position they had before starting your orthodontic treatment if you fail to wear a retainer as instructed by your orthodontist.

Can Wisdom Teeth Make My Teeth Shift?

Not really. There's no direct relationship of cause and effect between the eruption of your third molars, otherwise known as wisdom teeth and the rest of your teeth shifting position. In most cases, we recommend you remove your third molars for other reasons related to your oral health. Please set up an appointment with Dr. Albaugh to determine when it will be best to remove your wisdom teeth.

How Long Will I Have to Wear a Retainer?

This answer will vary because you may be wearing a removable or fixed retainer after having your braces removed. Dr. Albaugh will have specific recommendations for your case, following your habits during orthodontic care and what type of retainer you chose. The importance is undeniable and the same for every case, however, as every patient needs a retainer to avoid orthodontic relapse at the end of their dental realignment process. If you want your smile to remain as beautiful and healthy as ever, you'll have to wear your retainer without excuse.

Could I Accidentally Wear My Retainers for Too Long?

No. Retainers are essential to stabilize your treatment results and ensure you avoid problems related to orthodontic relapse. The longer you use it, the better it will be for your new smile.

*Some Text Courtesy of the American Association of Orthodontists