We are so glad to welcome you to our orthodontic office and start your treatment with braces in Vista, CA. Dr. Albaugh and his team are committed to delivering nothing but the best, thanks to the many years of skill and experience that are required when you want to achieve a beautiful and confident smile.

Braces are the most reliable of orthodontic appliances, and here at The Smile Patio, you can get the option that suits you best to smile confidently.

Braces Treatment in Vista, CA

Braces are the most reliable system of dental alignment available to patients who wish to explore non-surgical options. Besides, braces are an excellent option for patients of all ages, meaning adults, teenagers, and kids can start working on their smiles with braces.

Our team is not content with the basics, though, so you can come to our office and learn more about the available options to align your teeth with braces. Here, you will get all the durability of traditional metal braces and the more discreet, clear ceramic braces. Just make sure to set up an appointment and discuss with our orthodontist which tool is most efficient in your case to achieve optimal dental alignment and relationship between your jaws.

Traditional Metal Braces in Vista

Even people who are not convinced by how they might look with braces cannot deny that this tried-and-true solution is the most common and reliable option for individuals who wish to fix a crooked smile. These braces rely on the durability of medical-grade stainless steel to offer patients a solution that they can trust. Besides, we have to mention that metal braces are now more comfortable and sleek than ever in the history of orthodontics, making the entire process much more enjoyable to patients everywhere. You'll even be able to customize your treatment by choosing the colors of your elastic bands and injecting your personality into your orthodontic appliance.

Clear Ceramic Braces

Your ceramic braces are the result of decades of innovation in materials science. These ceramic composites let us craft brackets that blend with your natural tooth color and deliver amazing results while remaining far more discreet than metal braces. Please make sure to set up an appointment with your orthodontist, as these materials are not as durable as stainless steel and may not be suitable for all patients. Still, it's an amazing solution for patients who need to focus on the alignment of their upper arch, and they've proven how beneficial they can be for older teenage patients and adults who want to avoid unwanted attention while aligning their teeth.

San Marcos Braces

What to Expect From the Process of Getting Braces?

Fortunately, the entire process is quite straightforward, and we know that our patients like to know exactly what to expect from each phase of their orthodontic journey. After all, our goal is to help put you at ease from even before you come to our orthodontic office in Vista, and enjoy everything related to your treatment.

You will first need to come to an appointment where we will collect X-rays, pictures of your mouth, and a full model of your dental structures to verify what solutions you require and how to get there.

You should expect a level of discomfort as this process begins because it literally changes the underlying bone structure. Thankfully, this is a safe process, and you will adjust to the initial stages of orthodontics without an issue.

Remodeling your smile requires applying pressure on your teeth constantly, but that's not the hard part. Anyone can move their teeth by applying constant force to them over long periods; however, not everyone can do so safely or accurately. This is why visiting an orthodontist is so important. You'll get nothing but the best when you come to The Smile Patio for treatment with braces in Vista, CA.

We will plan the various stages of your orthodontic treatment to know when to adjust brackets and how to position your braces.

Then, the fun begins. Here's an overview of your treatment stages:

Putting On Your Braces

We'll start by putting brackets over all of your teeth, depending on your treatment requirements. Generally speaking, we set these initial appointments for our patients in the morning to get the most out of the time shared between Dr. Albaugh and his patients.

Making Adjustments

We have to start by placing the wires to help your teeth start moving in the right direction. You can expect to come back to the office every 6 weeks for adjustments that keep your treatment on track.

Additional X-Rays and Repositioning

We need to review that everything is going according to plan, and if it isn't, we'll make some changes. To make sure, Dr. Albaugh may require additional X-rays to take a closer look at your dental structures. If a tooth hasn't moved as expected, we will relocate the bracket over that tooth to help it move.

Taking Off Your Braces

Now, we'll make sure that you love the results you get. We create these treatment plans to meet and exceed your expectations, but there's still work to do. Now, we need a scan of your teeth and design a set of retainers that will take about 2 weeks to produce. Then, you will come back to the office, we remove your braces, and get your new set of retainers to avoid orthodontic relapse.

Your Trusted Vista Braces Expert

We believe in delivering advanced and personalized care to each of our patients to help them be as comfortable as possible. We continue to leverage solutions that use cutting-edge technologies and continue at the forefront of orthodontics. Please get in touch with our team and schedule a free consultation to learn more ways in which braces can help you achieve a beautiful and confident smile.

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