Conventional metal braces are one of the most reliable systems for dental alignment, and you can trust that Dr. Albaugh and his team will use them to help you achieve your goal of a beautiful and confident smile!

Treatment with braces is one of the most effective ways in which you can ensure you'll fix a crooked smile in a way that delivers long-lasting results.

Traditional Metal Braces in Vista, CA

Metal braces are one of the most recognizable appliances in orthodontics because of how reliable they are.

You can absolutely call them a workhorse of orthodontics, as they are a staple of durability and effectiveness thanks to the power of medical-grade stainless steel. Not to mention that they are the best way to address any orthodontic issue, ranging from the most simple cases of crooked teeth to the most complex cases of jaw malocclusion that don't require surgical interventions.

What Are Braces Made Of?

The main ingredient in the success of metal braces is stainless steel. This high-quality material allows the brackets and wires to resist elemental wear, rust, or minor imperfections that could lead to infections in your mouth. This orthodontic appliance is, in and of itself, very simple, as it only has a few parts to its design. Fortunately, metal braces are now expertly crafted by technicians to be as comfortable and efficient as ever.

Brackets treatment Vista


These work as anchor points that the best orthodontist Vista residents can find, Dr. Albaugh, uses to translate the force and movements required to complete your treatment over to each of your teeth. Without brackets, your teeth wouldn't be subjected to the force required to move them gradually and safely.

Orthodontic Wires in Vista


Brackets, on their own, cannot move your teeth. This is where an archwire comes in, as it is the part of your braces that guides the desired movements that will result in a well-aligned smile. Archwires made of stainless steel can withstand acidic beverages without staining or developing rust marks, making them ideal for prolonged orthodontic treatments. We will attach a single wire on each of your two dental arches to connect all the brackets and get your treatment started.

Teeth Bands Vista

Elastic Ties or Colored Ligatures

These rubber bands help secure the archwire to your brackets and keep them anchored so your teeth can move as efficiently as possible. Without these ligatures, the archwire wouldn't keep attached to traditional metal brackets. A cool aspect of these ligatures is you can choose the colors to customize how your smile looks with braces on, or you can choose clear ligatures for a more discreet look.

Elastic Ties/O-Rings/Ligatures/Colors

Additional Elastics

For more complex cases of jaw malocclusion or bite correction, Dr. Albaugh might recommend the use of elastics that he strings around an upper bracket hook and a corresponding one on your lower dental arch. These little devices help pull the entire jaw in the preferred direction until it reaches an ideal relation.

How Do Braces Work?

The principle behind every orthodontic treatment option is the same and a simple one as that. Anyone can move teeth if they apply sufficient force over them throughout an extended period. Fortunately for you and anyone who wishes to fix a bad bite, orthodontists study a lot to know how much force to apply and in which direction to achieve results accurately and without the risk of damaging your dental structures.

The biomechanics at work ensure that the force of the archwire gradually moves your teeth. You will have to come back to the office every so often for adjustments that allow your treatment to progress efficiently. Eventually, your teeth will reach the ideal position, and your trusted orthodontist will remove the brackets.

Medit For orthodontics treatment Vista

What Can I Expect From Today's Metal Braces in Vista, CA?

The team will collect photos and x-rays of your dental structures to plan your treatment. If required, we will also use our Medit Scanner to get a 3D model of your mouth that allows us to project how your treatment will advance as time goes on.

This initial process can be as short as 15 minutes, and it's carefree.

Dr. Albaugh will then proceed to place the brackets based on all the information collected, as teeth that need rotating will require different considerations than those tilted at the wrong angle. Then, the archwire will connect all the brackets and begin your treatment.

Traditional metal braces can help in fixing complex dental alignment issues for patients of all ages, so adults, teenagers, and children can set up an appointment with our team and start enjoying the benefits that the latest technology in metal braces can bring. Besides, they are the most affordable option for dental alignment, meaning you can get all the strength, durability, and reliability of orthodontics without breaking the bank!

You'll also be glad to know that metal braces no longer feel awkward. They are now more comfortable and sleek than ever before. At The Smile Patio Orthodontics, we're proud to offer the latest braces technology to our patients of all ages in Vista and surrounding areas!

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How Long Will I Have to Wear Braces?

There is no way to say for sure if you'll spend longer than the average 18 to 22 months of treatment with braces because every patient's circumstances are unique, meaning that fixing your smile will depend on specific factors that we can only review when you come for a consultation. Please set up an appointment to take a more detailed look at what you can expect from your treatment with braces.

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