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It's time for the smile you've always wanted!

The best thing about orthodontic treatment is that you can never be too old to benefit from it. This is why we invite you to talk to our team about orthodontic treatment for adults here in Vista, CA. Dr. Albaugh and his team will make sure to review your case carefully and come up with a plan that takes into consideration your circumstances and goals.

Why Would You Need Braces as an Adult?

Adults who never had braces because they didn't need to are understandably shocked when they start noticing a crooked smile. The truth is that our teeth have a natural tendency to move and shift positions as we age.

Besides, some patients come to our Vista orthodontist, Dr. Albaugh, because an accident or direct trauma to the mouth made their teeth move around.

These are the two main reasons why some adults seek orthodontic care later in life and the same reasons why we are committed to delivering efficient solutions that result in a beautiful and confident smile.

Is Orthodontic Treatment Worth It as an Adult?

Today, bout one in every five patients undergoing orthodontics is an adult. Here's why:

It Will Make You Look Good!

Your orthodontic treatment for adults in Vista can help correct the alignment of otherwise crooked teeth and adjust the spacing between your teeth for an aesthetically pleasing smile, helping many overcome fears and insecurities related to their appearance. Well-aligned teeth can give you the confidence you need to smile whenever you want!

Your Dental Health Will Improve!

It's far more challenging to keep a clean smile with crooked teeth, and, unfortunately, that means you are far more susceptible to suffering from tooth decay, cavities, and periodontal disease. Well-aligned teeth are much easier to clean!

Your Dental Alignment Won’t Always Stay the Same!

Teeth won't stop moving just because you've outgrown your teenage years; instead, all adults should be aware that there's a chance your teeth might shift position later in life, leading to jaw pain and other complications. Well-aligned teeth can give you a beautiful smile and stay in place with orthodontic treatment as an adult!

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