Come Visit the Best Vista Orthodontist in this Edition of the Vista Strawberry Festival

Hello, neighbor! We’re so glad May’s finally come because we get to welcome you all to the wonders of this year’s Vista Strawberry Festival. Everyone here at The Smile Patio Orthodontics enjoys engaging with the community, and we’re going to make the most out of this Vista Strawberry Festival 2023.

Will you join us? There’s plenty to do at the festival, and we have a few surprises in store for everyone who comes to visit our booth.

Remember that this year’s edition of the Strawberry Festival is on Sunday, May 28th, from 8 am to 6 pm. You just have to come to Vista’s Main Street Historical area to enjoy all the fun and, who knows, you might also get the chance to swing by our booth and get your orthodontic treatment started while you share with your neighbors and bring your family out for a wonderful day with the community.

What Is the Vista Strawberry Festival?

You might not remember some of this from our local history, but Vista was well-known in the 60s and 70s as a top producer of strawberries that ended up in other parts of the country, Europe, and Asia. And we’re not even talking about your run-of-the-mill strawberries; they were huge and flavorful.

Sure enough, strawberry production locally is not at the same level, but the tradition of sharing the wealth and happiness that marked a community of hard-working individuals remains even today, which is why the Vista Chamber of Commerce has continued the celebration of our values and history with the Vista Strawberry Festival since 2010.

Fun Activities in Vista Strawberry Festival 2023

We wouldn’t even dare bring up this event if we weren’t sure you’d have an amazing time here. It might just be us, but it seems pretty exciting to have a talented team dedicated to orthodontics at a booth during the festival. We also understand you might want to visit and enjoy the food and drinks available at the event. Besides, there are plenty of fun things to do as part of the many activities planned for this festival.

  • Contests. Oh, we’ll have it all. Strawberry pie eating contests? Check. Strawberry-themed Costume Contest? Also, check. Make sure you check out the official itinerary to know where to be and how to enroll. Events will start as early as 10:30 am, so make sure you plan ahead to not miss out on anything.
  • Athletics. The Strawberry Run starts at 6:30 am, with registration for anyone who wishes to participate in our 5K run (you can also register online). Children can also participate in 1-mile or 1/4-mile options, and you’ll get to pick up your participant package containing a commemorative T-shirt, medal, souvenirs, strawberries, and more!
  • Film Festival. These events are a time for true talent to shine. The event will organize a film festival where amateur filmmakers get to showcase their narrative or documentary productions for a chance at winning a $500 gift card in recognition for their hard work showcasing what defines true strength here in Vista. Please hurry with your registration, as it will close on May 14th.

Smile Health Patio Orthodontics and the Community

We know you’ll have a lot of fun with everything there’s to do at our Vista Strawberry Festival, but we also want to make sure we take advantage of every opportunity there is to share with our community and make orthodontic treatment as readily available as possible.

Dr. Albaugh and the team of Smile Patio Orthodontics will have a booth just across the Ryland Apartments on Main Street. Here’s what you can expect when you come to our booth:

  • Start your orthodontic treatment on the go with a free consultation.
  • Ask your burning questions about orthodontics and available services.
  • Get more information about braces, clear aligners, and many more treatment options.
  • Find out more about the latest technologies in orthodontics, such as 3D printing and Intraoral scanning.
  • Especial discounts and promotions on various treatments as part of the Festival celebration.
  • An amazing raffle giveaway!

Come Visit the Best Orthodontist Vista Has Available

You can always give us a visit in our Vista orthodontic office, but we really hope you’ll get to visit us in our booth at the Strawberry Festival in Vista, CA.

We believe everyone deserves a beautiful smile. Here at The Smile Patio, we’re committed to providing high-quality services and are passionate about helping people achieve the smile of their dreams.

Remember to visit us at our booth across the Ryland Apartments on May 28th!